Garnet street, Netherfield, Nottingham

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I have visited this property to inspect the velux window. I can understand why the previous company didn't want to put there name to any repair on this window unfortunately the timber around the window is a little bit rotten and it is likely that any attempt to solve this problem could result in failure. Where the leak is accruing is unusual for a velux window, as a general rule this type of window will leak around the edges but on this occasion the leak is coming though the bottom of the glass.  



1. To ensure this chimney is structurally sound and water tight I recommend the top two brick courses are removed, then two air bricks should be installed into the side of the chimney. The top of the chimney should then be capped off using a concrete paving slab. The remaining 12 brick courses should then be ground out so that they can be re-pointed with a strong mortar. The flashing around the chimney should be re-positioned and secured in to place then sealed using a flexible lead sealant.  

2. To ensure that the chimney at the front of the property is structurally sound and water tight I recommend that the brick work is ground out so that the chimney can be repointed with a strong mortar, the flashing at the back of the chimney should then be repositioned and secured into place, then to ensure that it is water tight it should be sealed using a flexible lead sealant. 

3. To ensure that the ridge tiles across the main part of the roof are water tight and well secured to the roof, I recommend that they are repointed using a strong sharpe sand concrete, the ridges on the lower section of the roof should be re-pointed where required. 

4. The 3 damaged roof tiles should be replaced. 

5. To prevent moisture damage to on and below the decorative brickwork on the side of the property I recommend that a concrete flaunce is placed on top of the bricks. 

6. To ensure that the gutters are discharging water correctly I recommend that they are all cleared out and sealed where required. 

1. The chimney on the front of the property is also in poor condition. The mortar joints within the brickwork are very weak and missing in many places. The flashing at the back of the chimney is not correctly lapped into the brickwork leaving the flashing vulnerable to penetrating damp. The stepped flashing at the side of the chimney is missing its pointing, the joint between the lead flashing the brickwork has two important roles, the first is to holed the lead into position preventing it from coming away from the brickwork, the second is to form a water tight seal between the bricks and the lead, when the mortar joints are missing water run down the brickwork and behind the flashing.  

Missing chimney crown / flauncing Netherfield nottinghamMissing and damaged chimney pointing netherfield nottinghammissing chimney flashing netherfield nottingham

2. The chimney at the rear of the property is in very poor condition. The top of the chimney is open without any capping. The pointing on the remaining brickwork is mostly missing and it is possible to see day light right though the chimney. The flashing does not have the correct cover and it is possible to see behind the flashing. 

chimney pointing netherfield nottingham

3. The ridges that run along the top of the building is missing a lot of its pointing. The ridges that run across the top of the lower roof also require pointing in places. It is the job of the ridge mortar to form a water tight seal between the ridge tiles and the roofing tiles, when this pointing starts to corrode moisture can find its way under the ridge tiles and start to eat away at the concrete ridge bed that holds the ridges into position.  

Missing pointing on ridge tiles netherfield nottingham

4. There are 3 damaged tiles on this roof. 

Damaged roofing tiles netherfield nottingham

5. Across the side of the building there is a section of decorative brickwork that protrudes out of the side of the brickwork. This brickwork has lost its concrete flauncing. The flauncing is designed to prevent water and moisture sitting on top of the brickwork where it can damage mortar joints and even the bricks themselves. 

6. The guttering around the property is heavily soiled with debris and vegetation which will be slowing down the flow rate of the guttering causing them to work inefficiently and leak. 

Blocked gutters netherfield nottingham

I hope that our report and quotaions are to your satisfaction.

Kind Regards

Danny (DJI Property Services)