Roof Report Example 1

Haddon Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham

Hello *****,

As you know I have been working on the roof of number * haddon rd, while I was carrying out my work I noticed a couple of problems on your roof that I thought I should draw to your attention. Please see below for details-


For your convenience I have made recommendations and given quotations to resolve all of the issues I have raised above, please see below -

1. To ensure that this chimney is structurally sound and water tight I recommend that the back side, the roof facing side and the front of the chimney is re-pointed. The old mortar should be ground out to a depth no less than 20mm so that new strong mortar can be injected into the brick joints. Because the chimney flues are no long in use I recommend that the chimney pots are removed and the open flues capped and vented before a new concrete flaunce is placed on top of the chimney. If the chimney pots are kept it would make flauncing the front left hand side of the chimney impossible without the use of scaffolding. The lead flashing at the bottom of the chimney can then be secured back into position and sealed using a flexible lead sealant. .

2. To ensure that the second chimney at the rear of the property is protected against further erosion I recommend that the bricks that have lost there water resistant face are rendered using a sharp sand concrete and any soft or missing mortar joints should be re-pointed. 

3. To ensure that the ridge tiles are water tight and well secured to the roof, I recommend that they are repointed using a strong sharpe sand concrete. 

I hope that my report and quotations are to your satisfaction. If you have any further questions regarding this matter please feel free to contact me personally.

Kind regards
Danny (DJI Property Services)

1. Your property has a chimney on the rear elevation of the main part of the roof. The flauncing on top of this chimney is in very poor condition, Having a good concrete flaunce on top of the chimney is an essential part of the chimney, it is the job of the flauncing to direct water away from the top of the chimney. When the flauncing becomes comprised moisture can find its way into the brickwork below damaging mortar and bricks. Poor flauncing can also lead to water getting down the chimney flue which can lead to penetrating damp on the chimney breast inside the property. Another noticeable part of this chimney is the amount of missing and weak mortar joints between the brick joints, The mortar joints between brickwork form a water tight seal between the bricks, once this seal becomes compromised moisture can find its way into the brick joints eventually causing damaged to the bricks and even penetrating damp inside the property. The damaging effects of weathering to brickwork happens at a steadily increasing rate as more and more vulnerable areas of pointing are exposed. The last thing I found on this chimney is that the stepped lead flashing at the bottom of the chimney has fallen out of position, this could allow water to run behind the flashing and get inside the property.

Damaged chimney flauncing west bridgford nottingham lead flashing problems repairs west bridgford nottingham

2. The chimney on the rear section of the building is showing signs of erosion. Parts of the brickwork has lost its water resistant face leaving only the porous under side of the bricks. Also this chimney has a lot of missing and very weak mortar joints between the brickwork.

damaged chimney, chimney pointing west bridgeford nottingham

3. The ridge tiles on the rear section of the roof is missing its pointing, It is the job of the ridge mortar to form a water tight seal between the ridge tiles and the roofing tiles, when this pointing starts to corrode moisture can find its way under the ridge tiles and start to eat away at the concrete ridge bed that holds the ridges into position.

Ridge tile pointing west bridgford nottingham