Our Guttering Maintenance Service

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Guttering Maintenance Service

DJI Property services offer a hastle free gutter maintenance service in and around Nottinghamshire. Whether your guttering is dirty, leaking, damaged, full of debris or needs replacing altogether DJI Property Services can provide you with the guttering service that can increase the efficiency of your gutters and make them pleasing to the eye.

The DJI team are experts at working at heights. All of our work is fully insured and we have an experienced and skilled team that can carry out your guttering maintenance tasks in a safe and an efficient manor.


The Benefits Of Using Our Gutter Cleaning Service

  • Your Safety - It is estimated that each year there are between 50 and 60 fatalities caused by falls from heights, there are approximately 4000 major injuries caused by falls at work and approximately 515 injuries are caused from falls from ladders.
  • Cleaning your gutters can be a dangerous job which is often best left to experienced professionals who carry out the job safely and effectively on a daily basis.
  • Save your time - quite often time can be just as precious if not more so than money. Cleaning out your gutters can be a time consuming job. The cost of using the DJI team is not expensive and when you consider what you could spend your spare time on I am sure you would find the cost great value for money.
  • We get the job done - earlier I spoke about time, cleaning out the gutters is one of thoughts jobs that can slip down your to do list due to the fact that the gutters are hard to reach and out of sight. When you book the DJI team to come and clear your gutters you know that the job is not going to get put of any longer. The DJI team will arrive on sight after we have arranged a suitable time and then we will clear the gutters quickly and efficiently.

Job Done.

Our service is hassle free - because our team clear guttering on a regular basis we come fully equipped with all the tools and materials we need to clear and repair your gutters, all we need is access to all the guttering on your property, you don’t even need to wait in for us.

We will clean up all the sludge and debris that are taken out of the gutters and dispose of the waste in an appropriate place. All our clients have to do is arrange a free quotation, a suitable time for the job to be done and then pay us using the most convenient payment method we offer.