Commercial Gutter Maintenance

commerical gutter cleaning / clearance and repairs nottingham

Commercial buildings are used ultimately to make money for the business they serve, we understand that maintenance works can eat into the profits of a business. How ever a good maintenance plan can save you a lot of costly repairs and unnecessary inconvenience in the future.

We also understand that being responsible for a building makes you responsible for the safety of the people working inside it and the general public who visit it. When working on any property or outside area the DJI team recognise our responsibility for the safety for the people around our working area. We operate under a strict health and safety policy to ensure the job is carried out safely. We are happy to discuss our health and safety policy with you and can provide you method statements and risk assessments if you require them. We find that sometimes it’s best to carry out our vital maintenance tasks when the building is out of use, this helps to minimise any risks to the health of staff, the general public. It will also reduce the risk of any loss of production during the maintenance tasks.

This is why we offer flexible working ours for our commercial customers. We are happy to work around your requirements.

Working at heights to clear out gutters and to unblock down pipes and gullies requires the right type of insurance, the correct knowledge and training for the equipment require to carry out the job and the correct safety precautions in place to ensure nobody gets injured during the process. DJI Property Solutions can offer all of the above along with a strong reputation for doing a tougher job.

Guttering system’s plays a substantial part in weather proofing buildings. When the guttering system fails to perform its job efficiently, the effects could result in damp, leaks and flooding.

Please feel free to contact us to discus your individual requirements and to book a free consultation.